Homebound Health Services

Homebound Health Services, Inc.

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is a Home Health Agency located in the Back Mountain area, licensed by the State of Pennsylvania to provide Registered Nurses, Nurses Aides, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and/or Medical Social Worker service to individuals in Luzerne and surrounding counties. Services are rendered at the person's place of residence. Services may be brought into the home for individuals who require such services because of acute illness, relapse of illness or long-term limitations due to illness. These services can be tailored to any individual's needs or problem. Care of the individual is planned, coordinated and made available by a team of professional health providers, under the direction of your physician. Services are provided without regard to race, sex, age, religion, handicap or national origin.

    Services are usually ordered by the physician. You, however, may request your physician to refer HOMEBOUND HEALTH SERVICES, INC. upon discharge from the hospital, upon relapse of an illness or following an office visit if further monitoring is required. Or simply call the HOMEBOUND office for further information at (570) 696-4041. Our RN Supervisor will make the necessary arrangements with your doctor. A member of our professional staff will be at your home within 24 hours of the referral.

    HOMEBOUND HEALTH SERVICES, INC. bills Medicare, VA or private health insurance for services rendered.

    REGISTERED NURSES PROVIDE: Medication Monitoring/Instruction - Nutritional Instruction - Diabetic Instruction - Bloodwork/Administering Injection - Change Sterile Dressings - Indwelling Catheter Insertion and Care - Ostomy Care - Decubitus Care - Monitoring IV's - Nasogastric / Gastro Tube Feedings - Tracheostomy Care - Teaching Family Members Procedures

    HOME HEALTH AIDES PROVIDE: Personal Care - Meal Preparation - Grocery Shopping - Washing Clothes - Light Housekeeping - Simple Exercises

    PHYSICAL THERAPISTS PROVIDE: Therapeutic Exercises - Transfer Training - Gait Training - Prosthetic Training - Electro Therapy

    OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS PROVIDE: Independent Living / ADL Training - Muscle Re-Education - Perceptual Motor Training - Fine Motor Coordination - Neurodevelopment Training - Sensory Treatment - Orthotics / Splinting - Adaptive Equipment (Fabrication and Training)

    MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKERS PROVIDE: Social & Emotional Support - Long Range Planning - Community Resource Referral

                 Homebound Health Services, Inc. is An Equal Opportunity Employer